Turra Medina

    I have been working in studios for almost 20 years, and the V-Series is the link between past and present. Amazing sound, great definition, space and depth-sensation... Fast and accurate response with transients, what else do you need?
Turra Medina

Latin Grammy winner and Grammy nominee Arturo “Turra” Medina is a renowned Music Producer/Mixer Engineer/Drummer who has work with top Latin and American artists from across the Americas. With a wide variety of influences, Turra can go from working on alternative to pop, or from rock to cumbia with ease. With more than 20 years working in the music industry Turra is one of Latin American influencers in audio and music creation. One of Turra’s mixes, “Déjenme Llorar” from the Carla Morrison Album has become a reference song for KRK monitors whenever there is a presentation in Spanish.

When asked, why are monitors so important in your line of work? he replied, “Because they translate what musicians and myself do with music. You really need to have a tool that shows what you are doing. You can invest thousands of dollars in equipment for recording but if your monitor system is not the right, it’s money thrown away. There are many monitoring options on the market, but in my case KRK is an excellent choice because of the quality and proven history. Also, I feel KRK is supporting the technological steps and the current needs for the next generation of engineers, producers and musicians.”

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