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KRK Systems has recently changed our website destination to a more fitting and easier to remember URL address. KRKsys.com is now KRKmusic.com. “KRK Systems” will always be our company name; it carries a legacy of 35 years of celebrated music and audio productions, but our new URL is where you can learn about and shop for all KRK products.

KRK Systems has been Behind Great Music for almost 35 years. From being a part of countless hit music productions, to spending time with incredible artists over the years that will forever live in our soul, our company has always gone the distance to deliver world-class gear to music creators and audio professionals around the world. Our sincere passion is seeing music and audio creators of all levels and genres use our equipment to realize their dreams.

In the Sound Replication world, you’ll often see the usual terms getting thrown around; terms like accuracy, reliability, precision, and many other buzzwords. These are certainly important, and KRK delivers them on every level, but we take it a step further. Every single product we make is one that musicians, producers, mixers, and creators can trust—something you can put your faith in. Our products utilize complex and well-thought-out designs that deliver a true acoustic interpretation of the mix.

At KRK we take design, development, and performance very seriously. If it's not right, it’s not going into the market—this is the dedication we pour into every product. We take this stance because we know our customers have come to trust us for it. We also know, now more than ever, that the equipment you put your faith in needs to have the same design dedication from the manufacturer as the dedication and passion that you put into your productions. This "design-first" mentality is what the company was founded on, and it has helped KRK become an industry leader in this highly specialized market.

KRK Systems was founded in 1986 by a visionary working on such films as "Brainstorm" and "The Doors." Frustrated by the fact he couldn't find a monitor that gave him the clarity and accuracy needed, he began building his own monitors. Other engineers and producers began to take notice of these high-end studio monitors and as the word spread, a company was born.

Great sound doesn't start with the studio, the microphone or the latest software. It starts in the heart, and it starts with the truth...the very essence of the KRK design philosophy. This is why we come to work every day—to deliver products that are true to the legacy that KRK was founded on. Please visit our new website and storefront, and thank you for supporting KRK Systems.

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