Collection: GoAux Series Portable Powered Studio Monitors

The KRK GoAux 3 and GoAux 4 portable monitor systems offer a complete monitoring solution for creators constantly on the move. These professional-quality monitors deliver the same natural and balanced frequency response that has become synonymous with the KRK name in a mobile-friendly package with the essential accessories that enable you to take your studio anywhere.
KRK GoAux Unpacking

Bring Legendary KRK Sound Anywhere

The studio is more than aplace. Studio is what youdo. It's creating. Recording. Collaborating. And with KRK's on-the-go studio quality GoAux monitors, now you can studio anywhere.

GoAux Studio Anywhere

KRK GoAux Series

Transform Any Space Into a Studio Space

GoAux Portable Monitors adapt to any environment with:

  • Travel-ready soft case for on-the-go recording sessions
  • Adjustable stands, one for each monitor
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Built-in LF and HF EQ
  • Packed with everything you need for professional quality setup
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