KRK Troubleshooting


We welcome your input. If you should have any problems with your KRK monitors, we want to hear about it. You can either email us (please provide your phone number with your email) or contact our technical support department directly at 1-800-4GIBSON, Option 1. We're constantly striving to better our already high quality. Your comments are appreciated.

E-mail: Repair / Returns | KRK Product Registration

There is no power.

There is no sound.

Monitor suddenly stops working.

Sound quality changes.

Monitor hisses, hums or makes other loud noises.

Shipping your product.

All KRK warranty repairs need proof of purchase. Please read the warranty card that was included in the shipping carton of your monitor prior to shipping it back to KRK Systems, LLC. All products in need of repair can be returned to the dealer where it was purchased, or contact customer service at Phone 1-800-4gibson Option 1, email: Talk 2 Us.

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